Thursday, August 28, 2014

Conquering Lion


Death, sickness, pain. 

This world throws it all out there.

And the separation, the heaviness, the discomfort. 

When will it end?

My faith is such that we have a conquering Lion and I'm thankful for Lauryn Hill singing it out. The Conquering Lion

Today I read this devotional and have decided I need to pull out the guitar and learn some new chords. 

Time to sing, my soul.

"Sing, O barren."
Isaiah 54:1

" We are like flowers in the hot sun, requiring the refreshing shower. In such a condition what are we to do? The text is addressed to us in just such a state. "Sing, O barren, break forth and cry aloud." But what can I sing about? I cannot talk about the present, and even the past looks full of barrenness. Ah! I can sing of Jesus Christ... I can magnify the great love wherewith he loved his people when he came from the heights of heaven for their redemption. I will go to the cross again. Come, my soul, heavy laden thou wast once, and thou didst lose thy burden there. Go to Calvary again....Sing, believer, for it will cheer thine own heart, and the hearts of other desolate ones. Sing on.... A sense of our own poverty drives us to Christ, and that is where we need to be, for in him is our fruit found."

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Answer is Easter

My heart resonates with this truth.

In your life you will go through many
deaths - sufferings, pains, agony

doubts -confusion, misery

and resurrections - days of hope, joy and victory!!

When we face these days over and over and over.....we ask

1) What do we do in days of pain?
2) How do we get through doubts/confusion?
3) How do we get through to the places of joy and victory?

The Answer to the questions above is Easter

Thanks P. Rick for being honest and sharing about your own family. Love this.

Click The Answer Is Easter and watch P. Rick's you tube.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Preparing for Lent

Lent was a religious tradition that I was forced upon in childhood. Ash Wednesday is most vividly remembered because we all had crushed black ash on our head and we were supposed to be deep in thought about.....something????? Um, but what?  Back then I had no idea.

A few years ago, one of my sisters decided to 'give something up' during Lent. It got me thinking. What is this supposed to be all about? Now that I am a Christ follower and not just a Catholic religious bobble-head, I liked the idea, not for religious purposes. But to focus on giving something up (fasting), being more prayerful, more giving, and preparing for Easter. 

Time is all we've got really and we never know when ours is going to run out.  This season of Lent is a period of time - 46 days to be exact - 46 days to prepare heart and mind for another year of walking in His steps. To focus on fasting, prayer, giving and in preparation for one of the highlights in all Human history.  I believe now that if you come in expectation, excitement, anticipation that God will lift you into His purposes more fully, it will happen! 

Recently, I've been trying to eat healthier and in that quest, I've realized one thing.  If I don't prepare, it doesn't happen. When I've prepared foods, I eat much better. So it is with Lent. 

So here I am 5 days before Ash Wednesday, preparing for Lent.  I'm prepared for Lent to be different than anything I've expected before. There's an expectation in my heart that in these 46 days my heart, mind, body and soul will grow closer to the Lord and find new faith, life and grace waiting each day. These days aren't necessarily more divine than any other, but they lead up to the most divine day of the year that a Christian celebrates. I want Christ resurrected in my heart this season. That I would connect with all that He's given to make my life now, as I know it, a reality. His sacrifice. His glory. The expectations of His coming again. 

So how do we prepare for Lent? 

First, make the choice. Choose to fully embrace what these days can mean. A time and season to grow closer to the heart of God, to find special grace in your time of need. A time to shed away things that we have been allowed to remain much too long and hinder our hearts. A time to ask God for that greater desire to grow in Him this year. If we come to the season anticipating God to move and fully envision that He will, it will happen! 

So here's some good questions.

1) What does God want to give me this year in my walk with Him? 
2) What will I give up (fast, abstain from) on Ash Wednesday? 
3) What will I give up (fast, abstain from) during Lent? 

We know God wants to give us more spiritually than we could ever imagine. His word is racked full of examples. But we must be looking, anticipating, expecting. When we clear out - give up, abstain from, fast - things that require our time, attention, energy and love - God can fill in those places with His times, His attentions, His energy and His love.

I'm so ready for this! 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Have you ever posted a selfie and really enjoyed it? I have with friends or on my way somewhere. It's become such a new phenom that "selfie" is a new word in the urban dictionary. 

Have you ever seen someone post a selfie and think, "oh, dear girl....WHY?"
Why are you degrading yourself when you're worth so much more? Sometimes in an effort to get a certain kind of attention, women/girls post incriminating selfies. 
A mother wrote a post for girls on her son's facebook account recently......Wow I love it! You can  read more here

And she ends it with, "Will you trust me? There are boys out there waiting and hoping for women of character. Some young men are fighting the daily uphill battle to keep their minds pure, and their thoughts praiseworthy – just like you. 
You are growing into a real beauty, inside and out. 
Act like her, speak like her, post like her." 

Let's give them something to talk about. Sadly people do judge based on the pics you post and if your taats are hanging out, 

Good word for girls today. 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Our Disfigurements This Christmas

"But the fact is, it was our pains he carried—our disfigurements, all the things wrong with us.....that ripped and tore and crushed him—our sins!   He took the punishment, and that made us whole. Through his bruises we get healed." The Message (MSG) Isaiah 53:2-6

Whoever said life is easy lied to you.
It doesn't take long in this fallen world to recognize that life isn't fair, it's not always easy, it can be tough.

Can you count the wounds you've suffered at the hands of life thus far?
Can you count the little disfigurements that have deeply or persistently harmed or wounded you in some way?

Be honest. Doesn't matter if it seems like an insignificant blow. The time you were teased in 4th grade for not having the shoes everyone else was wearing at the time counts too. Oh, maybe you blew it off, you could care less. But deep down it slightly altered your perception of self. If you were honest. Or the boss who overlooked your qualifications and promoted someone else unjustly.Or maybe it's the more tragic losses in life. Loved ones die young. Abuse at the hands of an abuser. And darker clouds linger. To take a moment of honesty, there's been something said or done something that has caused us pain. And that's just it.

Every. Single. Little. Pain. Disfigurement. These little things in this world that crush down, rip into and tear at identity,  thoughts, and ultimately our view of the world and walk with the living God.

HE took it on himself to make us whole. To make US whole.

Do we even KNOW what that means?

Recently I've really enjoyed singing a song by Birdy called "People Help the People" and the lyrics are what stand out to me. Only God knows all the little things that cause a heart pain. They are not insignificant to him, and that's why He is cherished this world over. Grand abuses and small pains all layed on him.
"God knows what is hiding in those weak and drunken hearts
Guess he kissed the girls and made them cry
Those hard-faced queens of misadventure
God knows what is hiding in those weak and sunken lives
Fiery throngs of muted angels
Giving love but getting nothing back, oh

.....God knows what is hiding in this world of little consequence
Behind the tears, inside the lies
A thousand slowly dying sunsets
God knows what is hiding in those weak and drunken hearts
Guess the loneliness came knocking
No one needs to be alone, oh singin'"

He didn't come to make a huge display of all His God powers. He came to impact heart after heart, life after life. It wasn't some grandiose display like the Great Gatsby and all his glorious parties. Although when we celebrate what He has done in every heart He's done it, there will be party after party. Celebration after celebration to come in hearts of every generation. But unlike those who have power and wealth might pull out all the stops, God came gently. He was not attractive to look at. He suffered. He was well versed in the pains of this life, the little disfigurements that skew the big picture. And....

God knows what is hiding in those hearts.....
hiding in that world of little consequence.....
He carried this.
    our disfigurements,  
    our failures. 
    our sins and the sins done to us.
He took it all. And when we take all of Him, it made us whole.  
It was His delight to serve God as our living sacrifice. He chose to be crushed with our pains. 

Yet out of that darkness, out of every darkness in the crevice of every soul that has yet to still be healed, even there, God says it was all worth it. He is ready to make His home in us this Christmas. He was glad to do it. Why?
Our disfigurements nailed on Christ turn into our richest, extravegant blessings. Our righteousness.  Our right standing with God.
He looked death's loneliness and darkness in the face. 
He embraced the lowest place.
He took your dark world on His shoulders and carried it. 
And that's why He was born. The weight of it crushed him for one dark Friday night but two days later, those dark things were no longer on His shoulders but under His feet.  

Who can believe this message?
It's truly the greatest heart miracle when you do.
And when you do, you can rest assured that Christmas has come to you.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Don't Waste Your Life

Most of John Piper's works can become a bit 'heady' for me, but I really enjoyed reading his book "Don't Waste Your Life."

Besides the obvious inclusion that anything done for Christ's glory will last, it was also a sober reminder to focus on the important and get rid of the things that just don't matter much. That all of life is for the glory of God is something that's easy to remember when you're in the midst of just doing life. So this book came at a welcomed time and with some welcomed insights. Thanks Piper for keepin' it real.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Affectionately Desirous

There aren't many opportunities to share in conversations about Christ these days. Once in awhile conversations come up but it's not like it's part of my everyday experience any longer. 

Working on a college campus with students who were inquiring and curious meant that in the past, conversations came up naturally. Now that I'm a working professional, it's just different.

I read this quote today that I thought sums up what our responsibility is to be in life and it comes from the way that Paul was with people in new cities he went to.

"Our responsibility to proclaim the gospel is not to ‘red flag’ people who look like they need Jesus—we all do—it is to seek out relationship, love on people and live transparently. With gratitude, talk about the joys and blessings of your life: the beauty of creation, good food, forgiveness, laughter, a loving Savior, comfort in times of hardship, the body of Christ. Humbly let people into your struggles, always pointing to grace.....We are to be “affectionately desirous” of their souls, praying without ceasing for them, on our knees before God with the hope of rejoicing in their salvation—not just tolerant of where they are. If we really believe that Jesus is the only way to peace and joy and fullest life, then we cannot love them well without longing for their faith even as we enjoy them as friends and live life alongside them." 

Opportunities abound daily to love, to pray, to be in faith for those around me and no one may ever know it. This is the kindness and beauty of love. It's affectionately desirous in quiet prayers.